ever wondered what the garfield+jon comics would be like without garfield? enjoy. thx tmbo.
zomg huge

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i wore flipflops to rob’s viewing. if i had a hawaiian shirt, i would have worn that too.

rob would have wanted it that way.

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wow go buhbye.


i ‘ve been playing WoW since christmas, not so much since april. i’ve got until 11/17 until my WoW account expires, i don’t play it enough. if anyone (i know) is interested in playin on that account, let me know.

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hailing from…


we went up north last weekend for a wedding. radio generally sucks but it’s more entertaining the further you get into the sticks. my grandfather claimed that he could pick up AM760 in arizona while he was on his yearly cruises out west. i wasn’t ever sure if he was bullshitting or not.

however, we picked up stations from california, kentucky, illinois, pittsburgh, philadelphia, boston, new york city, iowa, and ohio.

AM radio is fun.

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crippled communications


i can’t get text/sms messages on my cell anymore. the guy who pays the cell bill said no. :-PÂ turns out, the other people on his plan were sending an aubsurd amount of messages totalling many dollars.
however, you can send me a text page.

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you will be missed



October 3, 2006

Age 25, September 26. Loving son of Lynda and William Sivy. Dear grandson of Geraldine K. Sivy; nephew of Nancy Sivy and Daniel Drake and cousin Cameron Drake. Also survived by many other loving family and friends. Visitation Wednesday 4 to 9 p.m. at the Northrop-Sassaman Funeral Home, 19091 Northville Road ( at Seven Mile ) Northville. Services Thursday 11 a.m. at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society or the charity of your choice would be appreciated.

ed: found rob’s myspace page.
Read more…

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transfer loss


for those who like to move their money around..

moving from an account with 5.05% interest to an account with 5.15% interest and 3 days of transaction “loss” would mean it’d take 151 days to recover from that loss.

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