last weekend was spent at the “long family reunion” in west-memphis (marion) arkansas. they’re a nice bunch of people. incredibly hospitible. they know a thing or three about bbq.

amanda, chris, sarah, and i did tourist stuff in memphis. we made our way over to dyess to see what all the fuss was about.

graceland was an obligitory stop, now i can say i went in spite of hating elvis.

i was a japanese tourist, here are the pictures i took. (shot 1500 pictures, kept about 350, really happy with a few dozen)

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at the last mpcon event, we brought three cases of bawls and sold most of them for a small profit. this time around, we bought five cases. it’s now 10 hours into the event and most of those five are gone.

next time, more.

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i bought my first whoopie cushin today. 😈

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hee hee!


i’m not much for dancing. however, this is entertaining. Thx TMBO

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one year ago today


it’s been a year already. 😈

nausiatingly happy

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