let master shake do your voice mail greeting


enjoy. thanks BBR

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offline file sync problem in winxp


later versions of windows have a feature called offline file caching which allows you to take your network’d documents with you wherever you go. when you return to the network, you are prompted to synchronize your data.

at work, in our winxp/ad environment, we’ve enabled my documents redirection to the users’s home on their server. this is great for users who don’t have laptops. the solution is to make the machine-account a member of a group called mobile users which enables a group policy, enabling offline file caching. probably a couple other settings like allowing the installation of dialup/vpn software, etc.

while doing some testing for sidework at home, i discovered an issue where i’d enable offline caching, logoff/reboot, and it’d be disabled. frustrated, i discovered this.. post about how to fix it.

looks like microsoft’s still got some work to do…

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ubuntu whore-aye


the proxies at work are authenticated. they allow three types of traffic; anonymous ftp, http, and https. otherwise, you’re never getting out to the internet.

i installed ubunut’s hoary on the test dell gx270 under my desk at work. (yes, there’s more than one) given the nature of the work’net, it couldn’t go out and grab any updates. last time i installed ubuntu at work, it was warty and i could run ‘apt-setup’ to reconfigure for the authenticated proxy i’ve come to know and hate at work. “http://user:pass@proxy:port”

this time, i figure i’d run ‘apt-setup’ again and reconfigure the proxy stuff. no prompt for proxy configurations. i edited the /etc/apt/apt.conf (or whatever the developers have named it in this version. i don’t remember) to add the aquire::http::”http://user:pass@proxy:port” that works in other implementations of apt. however, it doesn’t work in whores-eye.

i haven’t poked around much to find the solution for this version. i wonder two things:

  • would proxy support work better and be easier to use if the developers had to operate in an environment like this?
  • how good would support be if linux developers didn’t have access to IRC all day long?

i’ll probably stick with debian sarge for server installations. at least its fucking proxy support works. linux isn’t ready for the desktop-environment.

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tap tap tap tap tap tap


greg pointed out to me last night that my car has a bad lifter or broken valve spring. now, that noise is the only thing i hear. good thing for warranties.

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big sexy

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wedding shower was today. alyssa and desmond did a great job throwing this event with amanda’s aunt and uncle. here are pictures. i’ll add more later as the less-digital attendees send their files (*.philes!) my way. many thanks to all that attended (those in spirit too.) because we’re doing other things for our wedding, we did our cake cutting ceremony today at the shower. my mom made the cake. we got many things we asked for and some things we didn’t, including a lawnmower and a very nice hand-made photo album.

again, thanks everyone!

03.23.2005: request passports. 04.09.2005. passports arrive. check.

04.06.2005: we exceeded the money needed for this shindig. totally friggin awesome. i can relax a little and start saving for a new place to live.

ed: added 18 pics from my mother.

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what’s funner than kittens? shooting them outta cannons. thanks BBR

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blogger’s rights

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