chuck’s bachelor party


we started out with sushi @ musashi in southfield.  after, we headed over to the comedy castle for some laughs.  jer and pat stopped for a burger king crown we made chuck wear for the rest of the night.  at some point, the comedian asked the crowd if anyone was ADD.  chuck answered, ‘yes.’
“do you have any problems studying?”
“no. i just graduated from u of m and am the commencement speaker!”
“well then.  what’s your GPA?”
“what?  the guy with the 4.0 wasn’t available?  larry couldn’t do it?  are you sure he’s not available?  do you think ADD is inherited?”
“you killed the joke.”

fun ensued at zap-zone with go-carts and laser tag.  we finished the evening watching shoot em up.

awesome bachelor party.  glad i had a hand in planning it.  it was fairly tame so pictures were safe. 

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ger and jer


.. asked me to snap some pictures they could use for engagement shots..  way back in like, may 2008.  so some time in september, we shot them. 

because of the amount, i’ve put them behind a cut/more/section.

the whole set can be found over here.

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camping/hiking left me stricken with an allergic reaction to poisin ivy.  more on that later.

otherwise it was fun 🙂

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car shots


greg rode shotgun last saturday as a few drove around washtenaw county.  he managed some nifty shots of my car.  the rest of the set can be found over here

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black holes


all this talk about the CERN collider causing black holes and the end of everything as we know it reminds me of ren & stimpy’s black hole episode.

i’ll set this space time doohicky to our molecular wave lengths, throw it in reverse, and turn it up to full blast!  we’ll simply implode!

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jer says i don’t post enough.

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John Stewart on CSPAN


john stewart

..being interviewed about his take on the media.  Circa 2004 around the time he went on CNN’s Crossfire.  It’s an hour.  85mb.  There’s colorful language.

Everyone should watch it.  Lick here.  Might have to play it in VLC or install some codecs.

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The way my jeweler explained it, it’s like insurance.
Six months’ pay isn’t much to keep my wife from sleeping around.

A diamond — pure, sparkling, natural, flawless, forever. The way marriage
should be but never quite is. People grow and change and sometimes want to
take their clothes off with strangers. So when you invest in a fine piece
of diamond jewelry, you’re not only making an investment, you’re making a
statement. You’re telling the woman you love that you’ve just spent a lot
of your hard-earned money on her. Now she owes you the kind of loyalty that
only precious jewelry can buy. Isn’t she worth it?

The Honeymoon’s Over: from $ 5000
The Seven Year Itch: from $10000
No More Lunchtime Quickies: from $15000
Divorce Would Be More Expensive: from $42000

A diamond is for leverage. BeDears

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indies & art films?


hazel showed us a flyer and schedule for the detroit film theatre, which is open again!

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A day late, but we are not a dollar short.


It seems that our very own host, Nick, forgot to mention that he officially became one year older yesterday.

Happy birthday from all of us who didn’t remember to ask you for a timely reminder. Enjoy your week. 🙂



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