tiger’s game


i went to a tiger’s game last week for the first time in a long time.  i’m surprised how much i remember of how the game works.

we tried to get down there for a game last summer but school didn’t work out for it.  alex, john, steve, and i parked a few blocks away and wandered in.

i set alex loose with my d200 and an assortment of lenses and a bit of an overview of how some things work to get certain effects.

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Dinner at Cass Cafe


With Alex, John, and Steve at the Cass Cafe in Detroit

odd-colored walls? check.  overcast evening light?  check.  CCFL artificial light? check.  horrid white balance?  check.   i tried.

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may day


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jer bachelor party


we threw a bachelor party for jer.  much to his sadness, we didn’t kill any strippers.

there was fun at the gun range..

his favorite korean place..

some kart 2 kart action..

and some microbrewery to wind up the night…

all in all, a hilarious and fun day.

rest of the pictures can be found over here.  high-res versions available upon request.

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neon mileage


4th gear is almost 1:1 and the speedometer lines up with the tachometer

100,000 miles.

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MPCon and GOF Part Ways


Because of ideological and fundamental differences between the MPCon Staff and Gamer’s Outreach Foundation, we have decided to go our separate ways.

MPCon will not be concentrating on fundraising or growth. We are returning to having events that are stable, consistent, easy to run, and most importantly, fun.

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9-Layer OSI Model


Yes.   I can’t find a higher-res version though.  It seems you can get it on a shirt.  Here is another version, picture of the tshirt.

thanks fulbert

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three bears


thanks TMBO.
judges you

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i spent my birthday at school; attending class and with the tutors working on physics and math.

amanda got me four cupcakes and card for my birthday.  it seems the temptation was too great.  when i got home, there were three cupcakes. 🙂

note: amanda’s never met a cupcake she didn’t like.  especially chocolate ones.  they’re her krypton, her weakness.  one of the many things that make her adorable.

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new christmas tree


we downsized from the christmas forest to a dinky tree.  complete with ten feet of LED lights.

shot in manual with the sb-600 to camera right with a 12″ snoot on it, 3 stops under exposed pointing at the star.
it was still underexposed, hence all the noise as i bumped it up a stop in lightroom.

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