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i created a new “linked album” of my favorite pictures i’ve taken recently.

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what’d you say?


a list of the quotes in the quote database” was requested. by the way, i use the mc_quote plugin for wordpress to handle my quotes.

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i’ve been taking TONS of pictures w/ the new camera, almost 3000 in 3 weeks. they start on page 2 of the “shooting around” photo album.

most of the shots have been with a completely-manual 50mm f1.8 portrait lens w/ a UV filter. rest have been shot with the 28-80mm f3.3-5.6 nikon kit lens.

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comment spam has made it here. great. nice. 40 comments in about an hour.
so far, i’ve added the following to my IP-drop list:

i’m giving dr dave’s spam karma (kop was using it also) a whirl, 100+ comment spams in an hour is rediculous.

you’ll notice stats at the bottom of the page. 🙂

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mother’s day


greg was gracious to loan me a 50mm f1.8 manual focus lens for a bit. i used it today for taking mothers’ day pictures.
what an incredible lens!

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that’s rank


i enabled image/picture rating over in the photo gallery. i don’t know if it requires an account to do so though.

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mo betta


upgraded the gallery to gallery 2.1, it scales better. EXIF Data. Tags. Oh My.

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comment spam


comment spam has gotten bad on my old/home server. 30+/day. jer has seen some

i couldn’t find a way to globally disable comments in wp1.5.2. it hasn’t been an issue so far on this server (wp2.0.2) though.

update wp_posts
set comment_status=’closed’, ping_status=’closed’

<3 sql

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i moved all my “how-to’ish” posts to a new parent section and added one about sony vaio notebook hotkeys in windows xp because that process sucks.

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