new christmas tree


we downsized from the christmas forest to a dinky tree.  complete with ten feet of LED lights.

shot in manual with the sb-600 to camera right with a 12″ snoot on it, 3 stops under exposed pointing at the star.
it was still underexposed, hence all the noise as i bumped it up a stop in lightroom.

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old faces.  old memories.  melancholy faces.  we’ll all miss the golden child, jeremy rowlands.

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ger and jer


.. asked me to snap some pictures they could use for engagement shots..  way back in like, may 2008.  so some time in september, we shot them. 

because of the amount, i’ve put them behind a cut/more/section.

the whole set can be found over here.

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camping/hiking left me stricken with an allergic reaction to poisin ivy.  more on that later.

otherwise it was fun 🙂

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adobe’s lightroom


rules.  speeds up the process of touching up images without being cumbersome like photoshop.  most shots just need some color and exposure correction.

students should pick it up with their student discounts.

thanks greg for turning me onto it.

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don’t tell me what to do


soligar (soligor) 500mm f8 reflex/mirror lens for nikon.

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car shots


greg rode shotgun last saturday as a few drove around washtenaw county.  he managed some nifty shots of my car.  the rest of the set can be found over here

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pics of late


i went to the firing range

father’s day

swapped my engine w/ help from my friends

amanda’s birthday.

ger’s birthday

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url referrer


this picture from chuck’s unsuperbowl party seems to have gone over rather well (2) w/ people i don’t know.

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