penguicon 3.0h


amanda and i arrived at penguicon 3.0 friday afternoon and checked in to our hotel room. from there, we wandered around and met up with holidave for a bite in the hotel bar. andy and katni joined also. 🙂

following the opening ceremonies, we attended friday night’s keynote discussion by Cory Doctorow about DRM and its impact on consumers sparked awareness.

sleep. nummy breakfast ala room service. perl lectures by nat. discussion about Hidden Totalitarian Assumptions in ‘I, Robot’. the rest of saturday’s programming didn’t seem so intruging, so i hung onto the coattails of the ars linux folks for a while. i hope they didn’t mind.

tired and bored, i went home with intentions of returning for sunday’s coffee rituals, high-availability w/ linux, and more perl discussions. however, i didn’t wake up in time.

lessons: i’ve got a lot to learn. i’ve got to pick a direction for my education and career. i figured out what i dislike about programming.

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  1. I enjoy programming. I enjoy the puzzle-like quality of trying to make something happen in a new and inventive way. I hate customers. If I could make a living programming things that I like, for my own use, that worked the way I wanted them to work… I’d be golden…

    and I’d work at Microsoft…

    strike that….

    jer, April 26, 2005

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